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Here at Foam-O we work hard to make fun, yet useful, soaps for everyone - even those with skin conditions. Below you can see all the soaps we make, and a short message about their availablity, ingredients, and what they can do for you. 

Our soaps are made in North England, with British suppliers - that's everything from sealing wax to essential oils - and an environmental focus. We make it in our wooden moulds, cut it up, and then leave it for 6 weeks to mature and cure to perfection! 

If you have any questions about the soap making process or availability please do email [email protected] and I will happily chatter with you about all the steps between ingredients to finished product! 

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I wash my hands with you!

This soap is designed to just smell great - although, it's great to have an antiseptic oil in it too! When you're...


Life's a beach

Life can be a beach sometimes - but having a sweet smelling citrus and woody scented soap might soften you up! With...


My Great Auntie Septic

We here at Foam-O cannot steal a recipe from our Great Auntie Septic, but we have made one that is just as good! The...


My name is Earl Grey

We have made a soap that has the scent of Earl Grey tea, so spill the tea sis – try our fragrant soap today! Infused...


RAW Soap

RAW Soap is exactly what you'd think - plain soap, with no additives, preservatives or colourants. Perfect for...


The Grate Ginger One

It's great to grate! Enjoy the satisfying and strong, yet soothing aroma of ginger in this moisturising olive oil soap...


Turn Back Thyme

Turn Back Thyme is a soap to 'Cher' with your friends! A shimmery soap with a beautiful blend of thyme and lemon...


Happily Heather After

Say yes to using Happily Heather After to this Foam-O soap everyday - the beautiful heather scent is similar to...


Every Cloud has a Silver Linen

This heavenly soap is made to smell just like clean linen. Fresh, clean, and awfully moreish! This has been adapted...


Box of 18 Bath Melts

Foam-O has branched out into bath melts, with aromas you can melt into your bath with... These luxury products are made...


Soy Wax Candle

Our new Foam-O candles come in a range of gorgeous scents, and are all made from ethically sourced soy wax. Each one...


Soy Wax Candle & Soap

Our new Foam-O candles come in a range of gorgeous scents, and are all made from ethically sourced soy wax. Each one...

We've got some inside (or in-sisal) information on some sisal bags for you guys... Soap is a necessity – well, if you want your friends to keep speaking to you anyway. The main question is how to store and use it well, you may be asking how *I* do it...
Since 3rd time is the charm, I let my very dear Mummy write a blog post for my 3rd piece. This could’ve ended badly, since I’ve made messes all over her farm and house with mugs, plates, soap and stickers for the past few months… All is well. Hi, I’m...
A soaper never gives away her secrets, but she might tease her blog readers with some of her fancy ways of soaping… Making the soap can be broken down into a few simple steps, which I will tell you – minus all the measures and ingredients precisely. ...

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