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Here at Foam-O we really do pride ourselves on our gift wrapping!

Are you looking for something that little bit personal and different for a special event?

For £12 instead of £16, and with free postage, you can send out the gift of 4 beautifully scented and coloured soaps made by hand.

If you’re an eco-warrior then look no further – using repurposed woods for our moulds and oils from our own farms is at the heart of what we do!

Plus all our packaging is recyclable!

There is no need to worry about transit; we tightly pack the boxes with rescued tissue paper, and place the soaps in a box that easily goes by Royal Mail post through your door.

Don’t forget to add a personal message for us to put inside the gift box too, no matter what the occasion.

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Box of soap

Build your own box of 4 soaps



Making a choice as to which soaps to buy might seem impossible

We thought that when we were making Foam-O a reality!

That is why we have created the ability to build your own box of 4!

In this you are able to choose whichever soaps you would like to suit whoever the soaps are intended for, perhaps your friend has sensitive skin and so you would like to send some more plain soaps, or your mum just adores the smell of lemon?

You can build a treat box that looks good enough to eat, although I would definitely recommend taking them in the shower instead!

Washing your hands never smelled so good, and never felt so good for the environment either! Build that perfect box of four today, and let the Foam-O team do the rest!

Build Your Box of 4

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