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Our Eco Message

Hi! Robyn here again!

Welcome to the greenest page of my whole website, a place where I can tell you all about the weird and wonderful places I’ve been to source some (perhaps) crazy materials that are to do the least environmental damage possible. We know that it’s not just the soaps that need to be environmentally friendly though, that’s why we have worked so hard to make sure all of our packaging is recyclable too! So, that’s eco ingredients in the soap, upcycled wood for all our equipment, reusable cloths in all our workshops, and fully recyclable packaging.

When making the soap it is important that I source all our ingredients from the UK, of course, with some scents this is not possible – so instead, we only use British suppliers to help the UK economy and reduce our carbon footprint, even if it might be a little bit more expensive. The same is true of the oils I use, of the wax I make our seals from, the producers of my boxes, the printers of my stickers and business cards, and everything else in between. It is very important to us here that we know where everything has come from, to the extreme measure that we even shred our own tissue paper as it is easier to track where it comes from if it is bought in full sheets. I even designed the stickers for our soap myself, and print these on the farm as to reduce miles again.

As the business grows, I am beginning to track everything and will keep this page as updated as possible – if you can think of any other wacky and fun ways we can become even more sustainable then please Get In Touch and we’ll do our best!

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